Boots Boats and Bikes

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The story is, Nick and Ivanka are a couple traveling from the top to bottom of the world on 28th May for a year on the ultimate honeymoon. They are heading from Alaska to Argentina and are aiming to raise as much money as possible for Oxfam.

Adventure Travel Gift Guide

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MEkey ICE is THE perfect Adventure Travel partner!

Wooden Tags Now In Stock

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MEkey ICE listened to customers

We have now taken stock of our latest product. The MEkey ICE Wooden tag. These have been designed after listening to customers who want to wear some form of emergency medical dog tag, but either didnt like the temperature changes of the metal or were allergic to metal.

MEkey ICE Release New Design

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Work is well under way for the release of our latest MEkey ICE device, which is going to be a wood based dog tag with a soft leather lanyard.

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