10% off MEkey ICE ID for early Christmas Orders

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emergency id gift ideas for christmas

MEkey ICE ID Tag produce a range of 'In Case of Emergency' ID products including sports ID wristbands, dog tags, ICE ID cards, wooden ID tags and key rings that all carry your emergency, medical, contact information and vital documents safely on a USB chip.

Perfect Christmas gift for the runner, cyclist, biker, hill walker and provides simple peace of mind for both you and your family.  Order before midnight 3rd December with our Christmas Discount Code and get 10% off any MEkey ICE ID wristband, dog tag, ID card or key ring.

Skiers carry emergency ID for Ski Patrol to help you

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emergency id for skiers and snowboarders

Taking part in any winter sport like skiing or snowboarding it's a fact of life that accidents happen, and when they do the ski patrol or first responder will be your saviour. If you're injured and can’t speak for yourself, ski patrol need to find out who you are, emergency contacts and any medical conditions.  Even if you ski with others, it’s important that you carry identification with you when you ski or snowboard.

Emergency ID Halloween Offer

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emergency id offer

Pre-Halloween ICE ID offer on our ICE ID Cards

Peace of mind in your wallet, purse or pocket. Affordable & practical emergency ID

Medical ID translated into SIX languages

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medical id translated

NEW UPDATE – The medical ID profile that is displayed when a first responder looks at the MEkey ICE ID Tag now translates into six languages.

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