Medical and Emergency ID Tags for Bikers

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medical id for bikers and motorcyclists

BIKER ID - The biking season is just around the corner - but do you know whats round the next corner?? Out on the motorcycle enjoying the ride, on a motorcycle adventure, the long straights, the twisties - You never know whats round the next corner.....

Medical ID Sale

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medical ID sale

Emergency medical ID for cyclists, runners, bikers, equestrian.... for everyone.  Mekey ICE having a six day sale on all medical id products.......

Christmas Delivery Dates 2015 (UK)

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Christmas Delivery Dates

All MEkey ICE products make the perfect Christmas Gift (for yourself or a loved one).  To make sure your MEkey ICE tag reaches you in time for Christmas you will need to order by 11am Monday 21st December.....

Medical ID

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medical id

Who Should Wear Medical ID?

That's a question we are asked whenever we are at a show or exhibition.  So if we get asked, at some point you must have asked yourself the same question.  There are common misconceptions that by wearing a medical ID you are labeling yourself or bringing unwanted attention to your condition or diagnosis.  The truth is that medical Identification can be life saving........

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