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emergency id for cycling

It does not matter if you are a road cyclist, mountain biker, leisure cyclist, training for a cycling event, or just an active person, MEkey ICE is for you.  Consider the vulnerability of cycling by yourself with no identification.  In the event of an accident, if you can't speak for yourself, your MEkey ICE emergency ID tag will be the key to who you are. It's not just a piece of kit - it's peace of mind.

Use a MEkey ICE ID product to carry your emergency contact and medical information the next time you are out cycling or training.

All MEkey ICE ID products display the paramedic star and ICE (In Case of Emergency), so are highly visible.  The USB tag contains a bespoke personal medical record which contains personal ID, medical and emergency information.  The advanced file manager further expands the emergency ID to allow the uploading of copies of vital document.  This also allows the documents to be encrypted for secure storage.  All our USB ID products include two free 'Owner Carries ICE ID' alert stickers for cycling helmets, bike, pannier etc to highlight you are wearing or carrying an MEkey ICE ID Tag.


Medical ID Wristbands Medical ID Dog Tags

Medical ID Wristband is based on a Velcro web band, allowing for total adjustabiliy.

The wristband eliminates the need for engraving, and allows for easy update of your information via the USB based Personal Health Record software.

The USB tag is highly visible and displays the paramedic star with the letters ICE (In Case of Emergency).  The tag fits into a pouch within the wrist strap and clips into place so should never come loose. 


The dog tag style USB medical ID from MEkey ICE tag with its tough aluminium case can stand up to most weathers.

As with ALL MEkey ICE ID tags the paramedic star and ICE is highly visible.  The ID dog tag eliminates the need for engraving, and allows for easy update of your information via the USB based Personal Health Record software.

Can be worn as a zipper tag, key ring or even as a dog tag.

Comes complete with a ball chain, a separate tag that can be engraved, and shipped in a retail blister pack or smart presentation tin for that special present.


Cyclist Emergency ID Card  
cyclists emergency id card  

MEkey ICE ID card is a credit card sized ID which allows you to keep your important personal, emergency and medical information in your wallet.

With the paramedic star featuring the staff and snake it is highly recognisable. MEkey ICE Card is ideal for people who dont want an emergency ID dog tag or wristband. The card will fit into most wallets or cyclists jersey pocket.








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