Emergency Medical ID

Emergency Medical ID

Carrying emergency and medical ID with emergency contacts, personal ID and important medical or travel information is easy with a USB MEkey ICE Tag.

Emergency ID with personal detailsprovide next of kin contacts to the Emergency ServicesEmergency ID and Medical detailsEmergency Documents encrypted files

Medical Information

The medical information section is split into several parts – Medical Condition, Allergy, Current Medication, Organ Donor and GP contact details. Each section is either point and click to select or fill in a simple box.

Emergency Contacts

The Personal Health Record has space for three emergency contacts.  Each of these can show the name (full name not required) relationship with the owner, two contact details and an email address.

Personal ID

This section is all about you! Name, year of birth, nationality and space to upload an ID photo

Emergency Documents

The advanced file management screen allows you to upload files to the MEkey ICE Tag and encrypt files to store them securely.  The files can be any important document you need to have with you.  For example, files for travellers might include:

  • full travel insurance policy
  • vehicle documents (V5 vehicle registration, mot certificate, motor insurance policy)
  • vehicle manual
  • copy of your passport
  • copy of your driving licence
  • copies of any tickets
  • plus copies of any other document you might need

Other Features

  • There is also space for Travel Insurance details
  • EHIC information. 
  • Multi language - The information can be translated into English, German, French, Spanish and Italian


If your medical information is too much to fit into the pre-designed health record there is a 'Further Information' section which is free to edit with as much emergency or medical information as required.

further emergency medical information

MEkey ICE ID supplies a range of emergency medical ID products to help you IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY.  Accidents can happen anywhere at anytime - be prepared.

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