ICE Information Stickers

ICE ID Stickers

Owner carrying ICE information stickers alert first responders and emergency staff to the fact you are carrying vital emergency, medical ID and contact information.  Simply place the 'Owner is Carrying MEkey ICE USB ICE ID' sticker in a prominent place to further highlight you are carrying ID. 

Our Extra ICE ID stickers are strong, long lasting and work great outdoors, making them perfect for further highlighting you are wearing or carrying a MEkey ICE ID product.  These stickers are oil and dirt resistant, splash and tear proof, temperature resistant between -20 and +80 degrees C, UV resistant, water and weatherproof

Supplied in packs of 5 stickers to place in prominent position to further highlight you are wearing or carring a MEkey ICE ID tag.  Stick one to your motorbike, cycle frame, bike panniers, horse riding helmet, ski helmets, cycle helmet, skis, hard hat, phone case, anywhere

38mm x 63mm

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