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ID for Runners Emergency ID for Running

As a runner, it’s easy to have a false sense of security and convince ourselves that 'it’s only a short run'.  But you may be away from home, family and friends - Now consider the vulnerability of running by yourself with no identification - even a run in the park!

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The Running ID range of products includes Wristbands (available in different colours and sizes), Dog Tags, ICE Cards, waterproof ID Keychain / Pendant and stylish Wooden ID dog tag.

Unforeseen dangers are around every corner, especially if you run alone. Changing weather conditions, reckless drivers, even animals are among the many things runners should be aware of.

In the event of an emergency, minutes matter.  Wearing a medical ID band, dog tags or carrying an ICE ID card when running is an easy way to have personal identification and medical information readily available in case of emergencies.

runners ID wristbands running id dog tags
ID Wristbands ID Dog Tags
id cards for running id wooden tag
ICE ID Card ID Wooden Dog Tag
runners id keychain keyring  
ID Keychain / Pendant  
  • Easy to update - just plug into a USB and update any information and save, or upload and encrypt new travel documents.
  • No on going subscription to keep the information live - Its all held on the MEkey ICE ID tag.
  • One off payment for the MEkey ICE ID of your choice.
  • Cheaper than many engraved ID tag.
  • Multiple language translation
  • Unlike QRcode based systems all the information is held on your MEkey ICE tag, so no danger of anyone scanning the barcode and finding out information about you.
  • Free Stickers - all MEkey ICE running ID products come with two free stickers to further highlight you are wearing or carrying medical ID.
  • Available as ID Wristband for runners, Medical ID Dog Tag (Tin) , Medical ID Dog Tags, ICE ID Card, Wooden Medical ID Tag and Waterproof ID Keychain and pendant
  • Upload and encrypt documents for safety
  • You can't do all that with engraved ID for runners!


So whether it is running, jogging, cycling, walking you know that if the worst happens someone knows who you are and how to reach your emergency contacts.

Whatever sport or outdoor activity you do, whatever your medical condition our sports identity products will be the key to who you are.



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