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MEkey ICE ID Product Range

In an emergency, carrying personal ID ensures quick identification, contact with next of kin or emergency contacts, medical information and peace of mind for family and friends.

It is ideal for anybody with allergies or medical conditions and for biker id, cyclist id, sports id including skiers, cyclists, runners, climbers, hill walkers, horse riders, bikers or ID for sports where you may be alone and not carrying traditional identification.

MEkey ICE medical ID has a range of Medical ID that fits in with todays styles.  Traditional Dog Tags, Sports ID Wristbands, ICE ID Cards, Keychains and Wooden ID Tags.

Simply select the ID that suits your requirements below.  Once you receive your ID product, simply plug into a PC and update.  If any information changes just plug in and update again - You can't do that with engraved ID.

Sports ID Wristbands Medical ID Dog Tags
sports id wristband medical id dogtags

Sports ID Wristband is based on a Velcro web band, allowing for total adjustabiliy.

The wristband eliminates the need for engraving, and allows for easy update of your information via the USB based Personal Health Record software.

The USB tag is highly visible and displays the paramedic star with the letters ICE (In Case of Emergency).  The tag fits into a pouch within the wrist strap and clips into place so should never come loose. The USB chip is only 37mm x 12mm x 4mm you soon forget you are wearing vital emergency ID.

The dimensions of the MEkey ICE ID wristband also allow it to be worn as a watch strap.  So whenever you put your watch on you are carrying your vital emergency ID and contact information.


The dog tag style USB medical ID from MEkey ICE tag with its tough aluminium case can stand up to most weathers.

As with ALL MEkey ICE ID tags the paramedic star and ICE is highly visible.  The ID dog tag eliminates the need for engraving, and allows for easy update of your information via the USB based Personal Health Record software.

Can be worn as a zipper tag, key ring or even as a dogtag.

Comes complete with a ball chain, a separate tag that can be engraved, and shipped in a retail blister pack or smart presentation tin for that special present.

Emergency ICE ID Card Wooden USB ID Tag
emergency id cards wooden id tag

MEkey ICE ID card is a credit card sized MEkey ID which allows you to keep your important personal, emergency and medical information in your wallet.

With the paramedic star featuring the staff and snake it is highly recognisable. MEkey ICE Card is ideal for people who would rather carry their emegency medical ID. The card will fit into most wallets or rucksack pockets, and is perfect for taking on holidays.

As with all MEkey ICE USB ID devices there is a built in file management system that allows you to upload scanned images (passport, id card, driving licence, mot certificate, vehicle documents, full insurance information, any vital information, etc) and documents which can then be securely encrypted.

ICE ID card comes with 2 FREE stickers.
Our extra ice labels are strong, long lasting and work great outdoors, making them perfect for further highlighting you are carrying a MEkey ICE ID Card.

Allergic to metal? Don't want to wear a MEkey ICE ID wristband or carry a MEkey ICE ID card or just want to be that little bit different?  The Wooden MEkey ICE ID tag is the perfect choice

As with all the other MEkey ICE ID devices there are no parts to loose, as its a self contained unit. On this ID dogtag the body and lid are connected by a leather cord (lanyard) and once the lid is in place it is held closed by a small magnet.

With the paramedic star featuring the staff and snake etched into the wood it is highly recognisable.

Weighing only 9g you will quickly forget you are wearing it.  Can be worn as a dogtag, key ring or tie it to a rucksack zip. Comes complete with lanyard, a sliding magnetic cap, two free stickers and shipped in a blister pack.

Totally self contained Personal Health Record software runs direct from USB - No software to install, no internet connection required, no ongoing costs.


Medical ID Keychain / Pendant Gift Voucher
id keychain pendant keyring

The MEkey ICE ID Keychain allows you to carry all your medical and emergency contact information with your keys.  It can hold emergency information eg: medicines being taken or allergic to, list a specific medical condition (such as Diabetes or Alzheimer’s etc), emergency contact information (including your photo), doctor’s name, insurance information, allergies and lots more.

Comes complete with a split ring to attach to keys, two free stickers and full instructions.  With the addition of a chain it can also be worn as a small ID dogtag or pendant and its water resistant! (rated IP-58).

In case of an emergency or if you are incapacitated, Paramedics or A&E staff can see the medical alert symbol on the keychain and know that it contains emergency medical information.  The design allows the keyring's USB to be plugged into any PC, including laptops carried by emergency personnel.  Your medical information, emergency contacts and more can then be easily accessed.

If anything changes, just plug it back into a USB port and update - Easier than having to buy a new engraved ID tag


The MEkey ICE ID Gift Card is the perfect present for friends or family.

The Gift Cards are available in any value and will buy or part buy any ID products or accessories.

The MEkey ICE ID gift card is an ecard so can be easily purchased online and is then automatically sent via email directly to the person of your choice. (Ideal for that late present).

ICE Information Stickers  
ice id stickers  

ICE Information Stickers
Our Extra ICE ID stickers are strong, long lasting and work great outdoors, making them perfect for further highlighting you are wearing or carrying a MEkey ICE ID device.

Further alert emergency responders or medical staff and let them know you are carrying or wearing important emergency, medical and contact information by placing a MEkey ICE ID 'Owner Is Carrying MEkey USB ICE ID Tag' sticker in a prominent position.



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