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ID Wristband Products for Sports, Emergency & Medical ID

ID wristbands, bracelets or bands are modern styled but functional with your medical information held on a USB chip within them.

In the event of an emergency, it's important that medical services immediately understand all of your health information. This is VITAL ID if you have any illnesses or medical conditions which could affect life saving treatment.

Our Wristbands are comfortable and easy to wear, and with the Velcro fastening are safe to wear when playing sports.

Sports ID wristbands, Medical ID bands and Emergency ID bands in a choice of colours and sizes.  You can now wear modern styled medical ID jewellery which supplies essential information to first responders in the event of an emergency.  MEkey ICE ID medical alert wristbands should be an essential item to wear In Case of an Emergency (ICE).

MEkey ICE ID's wristbands can be worn safely and comftably while resisting the elements, keeping your medical identification safe in case of an emergency.

Great as sports ID for cyclists, runners, horse riders, bikers, motorcyclists

ID bands are a necessity for peace of mind. Take a look at our range of ID wristband colours and sizes below:

ID Wristbands - Large

id wristband large blue usb id wristband large charcoal USB
ID Wristband - Large Blue ID Wristband - Large Charcoal
id wristband large green id wristband - Large Rad
ID Wristband - Large Olive ID Wristband - Large Red
ID wristband - large pink  
ID Wristband - Large Pink / Grey  

ID Wristbands - Medium

medical id wristband meduim blue medical id wristband meduim charcoal
ID Wristband - Medium Blue ID Wristband - Medium Charcoal
medical id wristband medium green camo sports id wristband medium pink camo
ID Wristband - Medium Green Camo ID Wristband - Medium Pink Camo
medical id wristband medium pink  
ID Wristband - Medium Pink  

MEkey ICE ID bracelets display a red medical ID symbol and 'Vital ID Inside' to make them instantly recognisable to others.  The USB tag is white with the internationally recognised medical ID logo, the paramedic star or 'Star of Life' on and the letters ICE (internationally recognised for In Case of Emergency), again making it instantly recognisable.  The USB tag contains a custom health record that you can easily update with details of any medical conditions, allergies, medication and emergency contact numbers.

If any information changes - just plug it in and update!  Its that easy!  No call centres to phone, nothing to have re-engraved, so subscription to keep paying.

They have adjustable straps and are waterproof, the USB tags are IP57 rated so you don’t have to worry about getting them wet. This makes them ideal for just about any lifestyle or sporting activity.

Whatever sport or outdoor activity do, whatever your medical condition our sports identity bracelets will be the key to who you are.

How do MEkey ICE tags work? Find out more on our Emergency ID Software Page

id wristband setup


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