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Our range of Medical ID products has something to suit everyone. Products include MEkey ICE ID Medical ID bracelet, ID wristbands, ICE ID card, dog tags, medical ID keyring and wooden ID tag which all allow you to easily carry medical information plus emegency information & next of kin contacts. Each ID product contains a USB chip with our ICE ID Software built right in allowing all medical information and much more to be stored.

Who Are YOU? - When you can't talk for yourself MEkey ICE ID becomes the 'key' to who you are

Medical ID bracelets and wristbands Medical ID dog tags
Medical ID Wristbands and Bracelets Medical ID Dog Tags
Medical ID cards medical id wooden tags
Medical ICE ID Cards Medical ID Wooden Dog Tags
medical id keychain keyring  
Medical ID Key chain / Pendant  

All our medical ID products carry the internationally recognised emergency symbol (the paramedic star 'Star of Life' with the staff and snake) and the letters ICE (In Case of Emergency) which helps first responders to recognise this is something they need to look at.   MEkey ICE ID's software built into each USB provides 24/7 availability of a detailed medical information record which can be added to or amaneded whenever any details change.


medical id bracelets wristbands medical alert dog tags cards

Who should wear a medical ID?

If you have ongoing medical conditions, drug or food allergies, or are taking multiple medicines, you should wear a medical ID alert.

In an emergency the simple addition of a necklace, wristband, ICE card or tag could save your life.

Medical ID gives medical professionals crucial knowledge on what your problems may be and how to treat you, whether its allergies, medical conditions or medication you are taking.  In those vital moments every second counts. Our medical ID wristbands, bracelets, ID necklaces, ID dog tags and ICE ID cards are designed to be the key to who you are, helping first responders, paramedics and doctors treat you quickly and effectively.

Ideal form of medical ID for:

  • Diabetes
  • Drug Allergies (Penicillin etc)
  • Food Allergies (Peanut / Shelfish)
  • Insect Allergies (such as bee stings)
  • Heart Disease (angina, atrial fibrillation, pacemaker)
  • Blood Thinners / Anticoagulants (Coumadin / Warfarin)
  • Plus any other!

Alzheimer's / Dementia / Memory impairment · Anemia · Asthma · Autism · ADD/ADHD · Blood disorders · Cerebral Palsy · COPD · Emphysema · Epilepsy, seizures · Hypertension · Kidney failure · Parkinson's Disease · People taking multiple medications · Rare diseases · Surgery, transplant · Cancer patients · Hypothyroidism

MEkey ICE produce a range of USB medical ID devices. Dog tags, wooden tags, wristbands and credit card style medical ID.  As well as having a full medical record, they are ideal for for anyone who takes part in adventure sports including skiing, hill walking, cycling, running, bikers, motorcycle touring as well as people who have unseen medical conditions.

Why MEkey ICE Medical ID?

  • All MEkey ICE ID's contain our medical ID record software which is easily updated using point and click forms.  
  • Easily displayed on one screen are:
    • Your details
    • Three emergency or next of kin contact details
    • Your doctors name and number
    • Medical conditions*
    • Current medication*
    • Allergies (food, insect, drug)*
    • Photo for physical ID


medical id software

* these boxes scroll if you enter more than four lines of information

Need more space? Not a problem...

Use the 'Further Information' edit feature when you are entering your medical details - You can either use the predefined template or start from scratch.  This text is unlimited in length and you can enter any information you like. (more emergency contacts / more medical conditions / more medications / more of anything).

more medical information


MEkey ICE tags are so much more than medical id devices.

  • No Call Centres to phone - all the information is held within the USB device and displayed on one easy to read screen.
  • No engraving - If your medical condition or medication changes you don't have to buy a new medical ID, simply update your medical record.
  • No annual fees - Some companies charge up to £30 a year.  MEkey ICE tags don't require any on going costs.
  • Easy to update - No looking round for scraps of paper, no crossing out and trying to fit in extra information - Just plug the MEkey ICE ID medical ID into a USB port on a PC, enter your password and update.
  • Recognised as medical ID worldwide - with all MEkey ICE tags, the paramedic star featuring the staff and snake 'stat of life' is highly visible and recognisable.
  • ICE - the acronym for In Case of Emergency is also on all MEkey medical ID tags making them even more recognisable.
  • Multi language translation - MEkey medical ID tags can translate the medical record into five languages, English, French, German, Spanish Italian and Portuguese. See Medical ID record software in action >>
  • Carry vital documents - MEkey ICE tags have the ability to carry scans of vital documents as a backup.  Great if you are travelling, scan and encrypt your passport, tickets, insurance documents or any other documents.
  • Highly Visible - All our medical ID products include the Paramedic Star (recognised world wide) and the letters ICE (In Case of Emergency)
  • Photograph - to assist with physical identification.
  • Free Stickers - all MEkey ICE medical ID products come with two free 'Owner Is Carrying ICE ID' stickers to further highlight you are wearing or carrying medical ID.


MEkey ICE Medical ID gives you and your family peace of mind, because if you can't talk yourself the MEkey ICE Tag becomes.... 'The key to who you are'

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