Medical ID Dog tags

medical id dogtags

The dog tag style medical ID from MEkey ICE tag is comfortable to wear all the time. With its tough aluminium case it can stand up to most weathers.

With the paramedic star featuring the staff and snake it is highly recognisable.  Emergency personnel are trained to look for a Medical ID medic alert tags in the event of an emergency and you can't talk for yourself.

medical id dog tags presentation tinmedical id dog tags blister

Can be worn as a zipper tag, key ring or even as a dog tag.

Comes complete with a ball chain, a separate tag that can be engraved, and shipped in a retail blister pack or smart presentation tin for that special present.

As with all MEkey USB ID devices there is a built in file management system that allows you to upload even more information.  For more information on the bespoke MEkey software thats installed on the dog tags select 'PHR Software' from the menu above or click MEkey Personal Health Record Software

MEkey ICE Medical Dog Tags come with 2 FREE stickers.
Our extra ice labels are strong, long lasting and work great outdoors, making them perfect for further highlighting you are wearing or carrying a MEkey ICE Medical ID device.

So why MEkey ICE Medical ID Dogtag? MEkey ICE tags are so much more than medical id devices.

  • No Call Centres to phone - all the information is held within the USB device and displayed on one easy to read screen.
  • No engraving - If your medical condition or medication changes you dont have to buy a new medical ID, simply update your medical record.
  • No annual fees - Some companies charge £30 a year.  MEkey ICE tags dont require any on going costs.
  • Easy to update - Just plug the MEkey into a USB port on a PC, enter your password and update.
  • Recognised as medical ID worldwide - with all MEkey ICE tags, the paramedic star featuring the staff and snake is highly visible and recognisable.
  • ICE - the acronym for In Case of Emergency is also on all MEkey medical ID tags making them even more recognisable.
  • Language translation - MEkey medical ID tags can translate the medical record into five languages, English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. See PHR in action >>
  • Carry vital documents - MEkey ICE tags have the ability to carry scans of vital documents as a backup.  Great if you are travelling, scan and encrypt your passport, tickets, insurance documents or any other document.

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