ICE Information Stickers v2

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Our Extra ICE ID stickers are strong, long lasting and work great outdoors, making them perfect for further highlighting you are wearing or carrying a MEkey ICE ID device.

Further alert emergency responders or medical staff and let them know you are carrying important emergency, medical and contact information by placing a MEkey ICE ID 'Owner Is Carrying MEkey USB ICE Tag' sticker in a prominent position.

These stickers are oil and dirt resistant, splash and tear proof, temperature resistant between -20 and +80 degrees C, UV resistant, water and weatherproof

This is a pack of 5 stickers to place in prominent position to further highlight you are wearing or carring a MEkey ICE ID tag.  Stick one to your motorbike, cycle frame, bike panniers, ski helmets, cycle helmet, skis, hard hat, phone case, anywhere

63mm x 38mm

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