Wooden Tags Now In Stock

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MEkey ICE listened to customers

We have now taken stock of our latest product. The MEkey ICE Wooden tag. These have been designed after listening to customers who want to wear some form of emergency medical dog tag, but either didnt like the temperature changes of the metal or were allergic to metal.

As with all MEkey ICE devices it incorporates the paramedic star and the acronym ICE (In Case of Emergency) to make them highly visiblle. Follow the link for more information on the MEkey wooden tags

Could be worn as a dog tag, key chain, tie it to a rucksack pocket or handbag - many different ways to carry emergency medical information.

If you are going on holiday or on travels upload all your important documents onto your MEkey, then encrypt them for safe storage. If you suffer from any medical conditions like autism, Alzheimers, diabetes, hypo thyroid, stroke etc and/or critical allergies such as penicillin, peanut or nut allergies, insect stings etc then the MEkey ICE Tag is 'The Key To Who You Are'

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