Sports ID

Sports ID

Updateable ID from MEkey ICE ID for any sporting activity.  Suitable to wear or carry during sports allowing you to carry all your medical & emergency contact details

The Sports ID range of products includes Sports ID Wristbands (available in different colours and sizes), DogTags, ICE ID Cards, waterproof ID Keychain / Pendant and stylish Wooden ID dog tag.

sports id emergency medical id for cyclists runners cycling biking horse riding

  • Biker ID
  • Cycling ID
  • Running ID
  • Equestrian ID
  • Sports ID for Active People
  • Sports ID with Emergency Contacts

The range of MEkey ICE ID products are ideal for Biker ID, Cycling ID, Runners ID, Equestrian ID and runners, joggers, cyclists - If its a sport we have you covered in case of emergency.

Medical Information and Emergency Contacts

The Personal Health Record page is divided into five sections – Personal Information, Medical Conditions, Allergies, Current Medication and Emergency Contacts. For each section users simply fill in the relivant details (which can be edited later if required).

There is space for three emergency contacts each with name, relationship and two contact telephone numbers.

For more information see ICE ID Software

Sports ID Products

MEkey ICE ID product range

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