Emergency, Medical, Personal & Sports ID

Who are YOU? Ever wondered if you were in an accident how the emergency services would know who you were, what medical conditions or recent health issues you had or your next of kin contact information? In an emergency, carrying personal ID ensures quick identification, contact with next of kin or emergency contacts, medical information and peace of mind.  It’s important for everyone  – adults, teens, children and the elderly.

MEkey ICE ID Tag products include ID wristbands, dog tags, ICE ID cards, wooden ID tags and key rings that all carry your emergency, medical, contact information and vital documents safely on a USB chip.

MEkey ICE ID tags are a USB powered emergency medical ID record that you can easily wear all the time, at home or on your travels. It’s ideal for anybody with allergies or medical conditions, the elderly and for biker id, cyclist id, sports id including skiers, cyclists, runners, climbers, hill walkers, horse-riders, bikers or ID for sports where you may be alone and not carrying traditional identification.

Who Are YOU?

When you can’t talk for yourself MEkey ICE ID provides Vital Emergency & Medical Information

Doesn’t matter if its cycling, running, walking, out on the motorbike and the worst happens someone will know who you are and how to contact your loved ones.

portable emergency health record