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Medical ID Gift Card

id gift cards
  • The MEkey ICE ID Gift Card is the perfect present for friends, family or a loved one if you are not sure which emergency medical ID they would like.
  • The Gift Cards are available in five values and will buy or part buy any ID product, allowing the recipient to select their choice of ID style, and for wristbands which size & colour.
  • The MEkey ICE ID Gift Card is a ‘virtual’ eCard ** and will be sent , via email directly to the recipients email address you provide – Ideal for that urgent last minute present.
  • You can enter a message and change the image of the gift card by clicking on ‘choose design’ and selecting a new image.
  • If you want to buy it now, but send it at a later date, just select your own email address as the Recipients email and then you can send it on later or even print it out and put it in a card.
  • No need to send any emergency or medical information as all MEkey ICE ID products contain a USB chip with bespoke Personal ID & Medical Record software. This allows the owner to update and amend the information as an when required.