Horse Rider ID

Horse Rider ID Equestrian Emergency ID

Horse Riding Alone? Where's Your Emergency ID?

equestrian ID emergency id for horse riders

Horse Rider ID bands from MEkey ICE ID Tag is a medical emergency ID Wristband that is designed to be worn all day by equestrians on or off the farm or riding club while working around horses. Riding is a risky sport we all understand that and MEkey ICE ID tags ensures that the horse rider can be quickly and easily be identified and assisted in the event of an emergency.

It won’t prevent the worst from happening, but if you are involved in an accident and you are unable to talk the MEkey ICE ID tag with the Paramedic Star and ICE (In Case of Emergency) will be highly visible to paramedics checking airways and pulse points.  It also contains emergency contacts, so family and friends can be contacted.

Do your friends know who to contact in an emergency? What allergies you have or medication you might be taking?  This is all covered with our Rider ID bands.

Not only medical emergencies are covered – it can also hold copies of important documents.

MEkey ICE ID Tag Features

Easy To Read Public Screen

All the medical emergency information on one screen

Medical Conditions & Allergies

List all your medical conditions and any allergies (including drugs)

Emergency Contacts

Space for emergency contacts / next of kin


Space for all your medications & dosage

Personal ID

All the information required to identify you – but nothing that could be used against you (eg: only year of birth NOT date of birth)

Easy to Update

Just plug into a USB slot and update any information, or upload new travel documents – You can’t do that with engraved ID!

Upload & encrypt documents

Upload & securely store files – ideal for when you are travelling further afield to keep backups of vital travel documents

Safe & Secure

Unlike a basic text file all information is automatically encrypted and decrypted for viewing.

Password Protected

All pre-loaded forms are encrypted and password protected – We love secure!

Multi Language Translation

The Public screen information can be translated into six languages – ideal for touring abroad

Getting riders to wear medical alert ID has always been a challenge.  It can’t be chunky like some traditional medical alert bracelets which could also catch on clothes, tack, or the horse.  Most riders are aware of the benefits of wearing or carrying ICE ID, but because of old style jewellery simply forget

Equestrian Emergency ID is also available as Dog Tags, ICE ID Cards, Key Rings and for that eco look Wood ID Tags.

First Responders

MEkey ICE ID Tags provide first responders with vital and potentially life saving information.  By viewing the Emergency Medical Record screen all your allergies, medical conditions and medications are displayed.

Public Emergency ID Screen
first responder emergency id screen

More About The ID Record

Find out more about MEkey ICE ID emergency medical ID record and how it works….

When you can't speak for yourself MEkey ICE ID provides vital medical, emergency information and more.