Christmas Gifts for Bikers

bike id for christmas

Christmas Gifts for Bikers

Whether you’re looking for presents for a motorcycle-riding partner or friend, or simply want some inspiration for yourself – MEkey ICE ID Dog Tag with its portable In Case of Emergency medical record makes the perfect Christmas Gift idea for the biker / motorcyclists in your life. Providing peace of mind for friends and family.

If your loved one or friend is out on the motorbike enjoying the ride, on a bike trip, or just riding to work or the shops, you never know whats round the corner….

To get the ideal Christmas Gift for the biker in your life all you need to do is choose a style of ID from the list below or browse the shop links.  If you can’t decide then why not buy them a Gift Card and let them choose the style or if its a wristband colour and size.  No need to worry about personalisation or emergency ifno – its all done by the owner using the in built portable emergency ID record software.

Below are some Christmas Gift recommendations:

Biker ID Dog Tags – Our most popular sports ID for motorcyclists. The dog tag style emergency ID is comfortable to wear all the time. With its tough aluminium case it can stand up to most weathers. Click to view the ID Dog Tags.
Sports ID Wristband – Hard wearing & comfortable – our Sports / Medical ID Wristbands are designed for every day use. USB ID tag is kept securely and discreetly inside the wristband itself. Available in a choice of colours and sizes Click to view the Sports ID Wristbands.
Wooden ID Tag – Allergic to metal? The Wooden Medical ID dog tags are a fresh twist to medical alert dog tags. The wooden dog tag has solved the problems often highlighted by wearers of traditional metal dog tag ID’s who are allergic to metal. Click to view Wooden ID Tag.

All our ID products clearly display the internationally recognised Paramedic Star featuring the staff and snake & ICE ( In Case of Emergency ) so are highly recognisable.

Gift Cards – Can’t decide which they would like best? Simply order them a MEkey ICE ID virtual Gift Card. Simply fill out the form, choose a design and then they can purchase the ID style of their choice. Click to purchase a Gift Card.

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