New Medical ID wristband Colour

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New Medical ID wristband Colour

Finally after having many requests for a large wristband that’s more feminine in colour, we now have the new PINK / GREY wristbands in stock.

They are so new we haven’t had time to put the images in the sports id shop page but you can order them from the drop down colour option of Large Pink/Grey.

This wristband features distinctive pink stitching on a grey front and pink backing

Our Sports ID / Medical Wristbands take a modern twist to medical alert wristbands already on the market and solve many of the problems highlighted by wearers of traditional SOS medical ID products that would stop them wearing vital ID.

Ideal for diabetics, people with alzheimer’s, asperger’s, allergies or any other sort of medical condition as well as people who run, cycle, bike, horse ride or do any activity sport

  • Hard wearing & comfortable – Medical ID / Sports ID Wristbands are designed for every day use. (One of our wristbands has been worn 24/7 and travelled from New York to South America via Alaska)
  • The USB slips discreetly into the band.
  • Easily updated – Just plug the USB into a PC and update – its that easy!
  • 100% Latex Free.
  • Non Metal – eliminating any metal alergies
  • Strong Velcro fastening
  • No annual fees – unlike other ID systems that require upto £30 a year!
  • No engraving – you just update the information yourself

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