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Hero Scheme for first responders

A quick ‘Thanks’ from us at MEkey ICE ID to all emergency service personnel and first responders.As a small thanks for your dedication we are offering a discount on all our ID products. Hero Scheme MEkey ICE ID Hero Offer See the main offer page for further information on our Hero Scheme We hope you will look for MEkey ICE ID’s on the job and encourage your colleagues to do the same. Please pass on this information to your colleagues using the social [...]

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Bike Expo Manchester 2016

Everything on two wheels – Bike Expo is the ultimate festival of cycling, featuring the latest cycle gear and equipment on the market, live coaching demos and seminars, celebrity guest appearances, elite and amateur indoor cycle racing, and much more. Whether you’re seasoned in the saddle or a complete newcomer to the sport, Bike Expo has something for you. Bike Expo runs alongside Swim Expo, Run Expo and Tri Expo. One ticket, four Expos, so this provides excellent value for a [...]

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Medical and Emergency ID Tags for Bikers

BIKER ID – The biking season is just around the corner – but do you know whats round the next corner?? Out on the motorcycle enjoying the ride, on a motorcycle adventure, the long straights, the twisties – You never know whats round the next corner….. It will not prevent the worst happening, but if the worst does happen then wearing a MEkey ICE ID dog tag with the paramedic star and acronym ‘ICE’ (In Case of Emergency) will be [...]

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Medical ID – Who Should Wear it?

That’s a question we are asked whenever we are at a show or exhibition. So if we get asked, at some point you must have asked yourself the same question. There are common misconceptions that by wearing a medical ID you are labeling yourself or bringing unwanted attention to your condition or diagnosis. The truth is that medical Identification can be life saving…….. Its not just about giving medical information to the emergency services, its also about having contact information [...]

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Products for Emergency Sports ID

If you are a biker, cyclist, runner, skier, an adventure sport enthusiast, horse rider, MEkey ICE ID  is for you providing vital emergency ID. If you have medical conditions MEkey ICE ID Tags give you peace of mind knowing that if you cant talk for yourself it will provide vital information on medical conditions and medications BIKER ID Tags – Enjoying the open road, on a motorcycle adventure, the long straights and twisties – the diesel on the road! It will [...]