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national bikesafe show 2017

National Bikesafe Show 2017

19 August 2017 National Bikesafe Show returns to Rockingham Motor Speedway The National BikeSafe show in support of open roads is an amazing event that brings together the very best of the national BikeSafe show and track experience and the Northamptonshire Police and Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service ‘Open Roads’ event. Tickets are FREE for the day or £35 where you will be able to enjoy a BikeSafe ride out followed by a track experience delivered by the highly regarded California [...]

emergency id for skiers and snowboarders

Skiers Carry Emergency ID for Ski Patrol to Help You

Taking part in any winter sport like skiing or snowboarding it’s a fact of life that accidents happen, and when they do the ski patrol or first responder will be your saviour. If you’re injured and can’t speak for yourself, ski patrol need to find out who you are, emergency contacts and any medical conditions. Even if you ski with others, it’s important that you carry identification with you when you ski or snowboard. Emergency ICE ID Tags from MEkey ICE [...]

snowsport emergency identification

Ski and Winter Sport Season Is Here

The nights are drawing in now and Winter is well on its way, which means snow and the Skiing / snowboarding season isn’t that far off now…. Facebook offer Don’t go skiing or boarding without wearing a MEkey ICE ID tag. If the worst happened who would tell your medical story for you? Give our Facebook page a like and we will send you a discount code to use when buying a MEkey ICE ID Tag for skiing, boarding or any [...]

waterproof id keyring

New Medical ID : Waterproof ID Tag

Even though our existing medical ID tags are IP57 rated – water resistant, our customers wanted more….. IP58 MEkey ICE ID tags are in final testing. Its been a long path to get to where we are, but the latest addition to our range of ID tags is now in its final testing stages. With this design it can be used as a key chain, so whenever you pick up your keys you will pick up your emergency ID, it [...]

sports id

Products for Emergency Sports ID

If you are a biker, cyclist, runner, skier, an adventure sport enthusiast, horse rider, MEkey ICE ID  is for you providing vital emergency ID. If you have medical conditions MEkey ICE ID Tags give you peace of mind knowing that if you cant talk for yourself it will provide vital information on medical conditions and medications BIKER ID Tags – Enjoying the open road, on a motorcycle adventure, the long straights and twisties – the diesel on the road! It will [...]