What Is MEkey ICE ID Tag?

What Is MEkey ICE ID Tag

MEkey ICE ID Tag is a powerful emergency ID system that can inform and alert the right people in an emergency.

All Mekey ICE ID products contain a USB memory chip which comes pre-loaded with the Personal Medical Emergency ID software.  This stores emergency contact information, medical and allergy information, space for an ID photo for visual reference plus other features.  It’s easy to setup and keep updated with no ongoing costs.

All MEkey ICE ID devices display the Paramedic star featuring the staff and snake design – so they are highly recognisable.  They also show the acronym ICE* into the design. (ICE – In Case of Emergency*)

MEkey ICE ID Tag Features

Easy To Read Public Screen

All the medical emergency information on one screen

Medical Conditions & Allergies

List all your medical conditions and any allergies (including drugs)

Emergency Contacts

Space for emergency contacts / next of kin


Space for all your medications & dosage

Personal ID

All the information required to identify you – but nothing that could be used against you (eg: only year of birth NOT date of birth)

Easy to Update

Just plug into a USB slot and update any information, or upload new travel documents – You can’t do that with engraved ID!

Internationally Recognised

All ID products display the internationally recognised medical symbol – The Paramedic Star with the Staff & Snake and ICE ( In Case of Emergency )

Loads of Space

You are not limited to a few lines of information.  The personal emergency ID software can hold more information than you could wish for by using the ‘ Further Information’ option or uploading files.

No Ongoing Costs

Some subscription based ID solutions charge around £32 / €38 / $42 per year to keep your information active! MEkey ICE ID is a one off price and NO ongoing costs.

No Call Centres To Contact

All the information is held on the USB, so no call centres to phone for information.  Simply plug the USB in to view or update the information.

Upload & encrypt documents

Upload & securely store files – great for all those travel documents

Safe & Secure

Unlike a basic text file all information is automatically encrypted and decrypted for viewing.

Password Protected

All pre-loaded forms are encrypted and password protected – We love secure!

Multi Language Translation

The Public screen information can be translated into six languages

First Responders

MEkey ICE ID Tags provide first responders with vital and potentially life saving information.  By viewing the Emergency Medical Record screen all your allergies, medical conditions and medications are displayed.

Public Emergency ID Screen
first responder emergency id screen

Emergency Contacts

It can take several hours for police or hospital staff to track down relatives informing them a loved one has been involved in a serious accident.  MEkey ICE ID tags try to speed this time up.

Displaying contact information for three people you have chosen to be your emergency contacts

Emergency Contacts Section
public screen emergency contacts

Medical & Allergy Information

Even if you take one medication for a medical condition its always good to carry medical ID.  If you take several medications then it could get messy – looking round for scraps of paper, trying to write extra info in a small area, crossing out, paying for re-engraving, or phoning a call centre to update you information.

With the bespoke Personal Emergency Medical Record forms on MEkey ICE ID tags, updating information is simple and straight forward and no subscription to keep paying – If anything changes, plug in and update!

Allergies, for most people are mere annoyances, but for others they can be life threatening. It’s always a good idea to be very specific in identifying allergies. With MEkey ICE ID Tags there is space to enter allergies.

Medical Information Section
medical information screen

If your medications or medical conditions are complicated and will not easily fit into the one screen options, we have you covered.  The ‘More Information’ option allows you put in as much information as required.

Never Run Out of Space for Information
further medical travel id

Space for Doctor contact information including name and telephone numbers

Doctors Contact Details
doctor contact information

Personal ID

WHO ARE YOU? When you can’t speak for yourself MEkey ICE ID is the ‘key’ to who you are.

The personal ID section contains information about you, but only enough to assist with your emergency well-being. Its whats left out of the personal ID form which makes it safer.

  • For security reasons no date of birth (that could help with ID theft!) BUT the year of birth is displayed – all that’s required to work out your age.
  • For security reasons no home address – if its required it can be retrieved form your emergency / next of kin contacts.
  • Space for a photo to assist with physical ID

Insurance details and EHIC (European Health Card) are also covered.  The insurance information could be medical or travel details.  If you don’t feel happy including this information, then just leave the fields for this section empty.

Personal ID
personal emergency ID
Medical / Travel Insurance Details & EHIC Details
medical insurance policy details