ID Accessories and Spare Bands

ICE ID Accessories & Spare Bands

MEkey ICE ID has a range of personal ID accessories and extra / replacement Medical ID bands.

28" Stainless Steel Ball Chain

stainless steel ball chain id accessory
  • With its bright, silvery finish and its resistance to tarnish, stainless steel is a great upgrade for ID Dog Tags and Pendants.
  • Stainless Steels resistance to scratching allows the chain to retain their looks for years.

24" Stainless Steel Ball Chain

ID Dog Tag stainless steel chain
  • If you are allergic to plated chains, stainless steel ball chains are ideal as they are none reactive and hypo-allergenic.
  • Stainless Steels resistance to scratching allows the ball chains to retain their looks for years.
  • Perfect partner to our ID Dog Tags and turns the Medical ID Keyring into a slim ID tag or pendant.

ICE Information Stickers

ice information stickers
  • Owner Carries ICE Information Stickers
  • Further alert emergency responders or medical staff and let them know you are carrying or wearing important emergency, medical and contact information by placing an ‘ Owner Is Carrying MEkey ICE ID Tag ‘ sticker in a prominent position like your bike, cycle helmet, ski helmet, horse ringing helmet, phone case etc.

Dog Tag Silencers

dog tag silencers
  • Dog Tag silencers (or dampers) are rubber surrounds that fit over the edge of the blank dog tag (none USB tag), helps eliminate noise and to stop the ‘jingle jangle’ you sometimes get if wearing both ID tags together.

Gift Card

id gift cards
  • The MEkey ICE ID Gift Card is the perfect present for friends, family or a loved one if you are not sure which emergency medical ID they would like.
  • The Gift Cards are available in five values and will buy or part buy any ID product, allowing the recipient to select their choice of ID style, and for wristbands which size & colour.
  • Choose a design from our gallery of cards