How MEkey ICE ID Works

How MEkey ICE ID Tags Work

MEkey ICE ID Tag is a powerful emergency ID system that can inform the right people in an emergency.

All Mekey ICE ID products contain a USB memory chip which comes pre-loaded with the Personal Medical Emergency ID software.  This stores emergency contact information, medical and allergy information, space for an ID photo for visual reference plus other features.

Not only does the MEkey ICE ID tag hold your emergency ID, contact and medical information, but it can also be used as a secure USB data storage device utilising the inbuilt file encryption routine.

First Responders

To gain access to the emergency information all a first responder, police or hospital staff have to do is simply plug the MEkey ICE ID tag into PC.  Then automatically* the main public screen will be displayed.

This contains all the information required for your well being – Emergency contacts, medications, allergies, medical conditions and personal ID.

Public Emergency ID Screen
first responder emergency id screen

The public screen displays all the relevant emergency and medical information on one easy to read screen.  This includes:

  • Personal ID
  • Emergency contacts
  • Current Medications
  • Medical conditions
  • Allergies (food / insect / drug)
  • Doctors contact details
  • Organ donor status
  • Blood group
  • Travel / Medical insurance details
  • EHIC details (European Health Insurance Card – required within Europe)
  • Multi language translation simply by clicking the country flags into
    • English
    • French
    • German
    • Italian
    • Spanish
    • Portuguese

Setting Up Personal Information

All editing of information is done through password protected forms.  The information entered is then automatically encrypted and then decrypted for viewing.  Its not just a basic text file that can simply be edited by anyone at any time, without your knowledge.

The form contains all the key information about yourself – Name, Year of Birth, Emergency Contacts etc.

You can enter as much or as little information as you feel comfortable with, although there is nothing that could be used against you.

Personal ID Edit Screen
personal id screen

Once finished click Save & Exit and the information is encrypted and displayed on the public screen

Setting Up Medical Information

The Medical Data form contains is where all medical conditions, allergies, medications are entered.

There are some predefined conditions that can simply be ticked, or enter details in the boxes.

Click Save & Exit to encrypt the data and display it on the public screen

Medical Information Edit Screen
medical information screen

Not enough space in the provided boxes for your medications, dosage or medical conditions?  Not a problem…..

Click the ‘More Information’ button.  This will allow you to enter as much information as required.

It could include larger medical history, vaccinations & dates, plus any other general emergency information

Never Run Out of Space for Information
further medical travel id

Secure File Storage

The advanced file management screen allows you to upload files to the MEkey ICE ID tag as use it for secure file storage.

File Management
file management screen

Once a file is uploaded onto the MEkey ICE ID tag it can be encrypted for secure storage.  Encrypting a file makes it virtually impossible for anyone except the owner to access it.  Files can also be left as they are if required.

Ideal if you are travelling as you could carry:

  • scan of passpost
  • copies of any tickets
  • scan of driving licence
  • full travel insurance policy
  • vehicle documents
  • plus copies of any other important documents