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    ICE ID Card - Medical and Emergency ID

    ice id card
    ice id card
    4.80 out of 5

    ICE ID Card – Medical and Emergency ID

    • MEkey ICE ID Medical Alert Emergency ID Card is a convenient way to carry information like medical conditions, allergies, emergency contacts and personal ID.
    • ICE (In Case of Emergency) ID Card can be carried in your wallet or purse ensuring it’s always with you.
    • Displays the Paramedic Star featuring the staff and snake & ICE so is highly recognisable.
    • Password protected and auto encrypted pre-loaded forms – simple to setup and update.
    • Enter and store your medical & emergency ID on the USB drive portable personal health file.
    • All the details are displayed on one easy to read screen enabling medical staff to see your information.
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    medical id keyring
    5.00 out of 5

    Medical ID Keyring

    • Our MEkey ICE ID Tag ID Key Ring is an effective way to carry your life-saving emergency ID, emergency contacts, medical and allergy information every time you pick up your keys.
    • Waterproof (IP58 rated).
    • Displays the internationally recognised paramedic star featuring the staff and snake and ICE.
    • Stores your emergency contact details, photo, key medical information and lots more.
    • Easily updated, if anything changes – Just plug in and update