Snowsport Emergency ID

Emergency ID For Snow Sports, Skiers & Snowboarders

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Emergency ID For Snow Sports

MEkey ICE ID produce a range of emergency ID products designed for snow sports – skiers, snowboarders, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing.

The emergency products include ID Dog Tags, Bands, Wooden ID Tags, ICE Cards and Key Rings

Emergency personnel, ski patrol and medical staff are trained to recognise medical ID devices – All MEkey ICE ID products display the internationally recognised Paramedic Star with the Staff & Snake along with ICE (In Case of Emergency), so are highly recognisable.

Not only medical emergencies are covered with the MEkey ICE ID Tag – it can also hold copies of your travel documents, driving licence, passport, tickets etc. Great when you are abroad skiing.

Even if you never ski solo – Do your friends know who to contact in an emergency? What allergies you have or medication you might be taking?  This is all covered with our ID products for boarders and skiers.

Any snowsport has its risks which is why if the worst happens and you can’t talk for yourself your ID will be able to talk for you and be quickly identified and assisted.

MEkey ICE ID Tag Features

  • Easy to Update – just plug into a USB and update any information, or upload and securely store new travel documents
  • No on-going subscription to keep the information live – its all on the MEkey ICE ID tag.
  • Cheaper than many engraved ID tags and they cant be updated!
  • Multi language translation – great for skiing abroad.
  • Includes two ‘Owner is Carrying ICE ID’ stickers for your ski helmet.

First Responders

MEkey ICE ID Tags provide first responders with vital and potentially life saving information.  By viewing the Emergency Medical Record screen all your allergies, medical conditions and medications are displayed.

Public Emergency ID Screen
first responder emergency id screen

More About The ID Record

Find out more about MEkey ICE ID emergency medical ID record and how it works….

When you can't speak for yourself MEkey ICE ID provides vital medical, emergency information and more.