Medical ID – Who Should Wear it?

medical id

Medical ID – Who Should Wear it?

That’s a question we are asked whenever we are at a show or exhibition. So if we get asked, at some point you must have asked yourself the same question. There are common misconceptions that by wearing a medical ID you are labeling yourself or bringing unwanted attention to your condition or diagnosis. The truth is that medical Identification can be life saving……..

Its not just about giving medical information to the emergency services, its also about having contact information so loved ones can be contacted and informed of whats happened.

If you have been diagnosed with a medical condition, a quick diagnosis of your condition will lead to faster and more effective treatment. Your medical ID bracelet or necklace will alert doctors, paramedics and nurses of your medical history so that time is not wasted.

If you are on medication that keeps changing its always good to have an up to date list of drugs and dosage with you. MEkey ICE ID medical ID tags allow you to easily update and edit any medication you are taking.

Getting people to wear medical alert ID or jewelry has always been a challenge. Some think it’s ugly and chunky. It doesn’t go with their clothes etc. So they ‘forget’ to wear it and possibly put themselves at risk. Medical ID needs to be suitable for the wearer.

MEkey ICE ID has designed a range of Medical ID that fits in with today’s styles. Traditional Dog Tags, Sports ID Wristbands, Credit Card style and Wooden Tags.

Our range of medical ID products are designed for use In an emergency. When you might not be able to speak for yourself, a medical ID band, necklace, medical ID dog tags or ICE card speaks for you, and becomes “The key to who you are”.

All MEkey ICE medical ID products clearly display the Paramedic Star and ICE (In Case of Emergency) so are easily recognised as medical ID.

for more information see our medical ID page.

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