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Skiers Carry Emergency ID for Ski Patrol to Help You

Taking part in any winter sport like skiing or snowboarding it’s a fact of life that accidents happen, and when they do the ski patrol or first responder will be your saviour. If you’re injured and can’t speak for yourself, ski patrol need to find out who you are, emergency contacts and any medical conditions. Even if you ski with others, it’s important that you carry identification with you when you ski or snowboard. Emergency ICE ID Tags from MEkey ICE [...]

snowsport emergency identification

Ski and Winter Sport Season Is Here

The nights are drawing in now and Winter is well on its way, which means snow and the Skiing / snowboarding season isn’t that far off now…. Facebook offer Don’t go skiing or boarding without wearing a MEkey ICE ID tag. If the worst happened who would tell your medical story for you? Give our Facebook page a like and we will send you a discount code to use when buying a MEkey ICE ID Tag for skiing, boarding or any [...]