Sport ID Wristband Update

sports id band

Sport ID Wristband Update

The Sport ID Bracelet is a perfect ID solution for runners, joggers, walkers and cyclists. The Sport ID bracelet is an effective method to carry your lifesaving ID information.

Similar to our existing ID Wristband it is designed to provide vital and potential lifesaving information to first responders and hospital staff in the event you are involved in an accident or suffer a medical situation when out exercising.

One major difference to our existing Medical ID wristbands is they have a broad highly reflective 3M Scotchlite silver reflective strip running round the band (ideal for low light conditions).

  • Our new Sports ID wristband is the perfect training partner for runners, joggers, cyclists and walkers.
  • Highly reflective – incorporates 3M Scotchlite silver reflective material (ideal for joggers & cyclists in low light conditions)
  • USB tag containing the bespoke medical and emergency record sits securely within the Sport ID band
  • Once the band is opened it is highly visible displaying the internationally recognised paramedic star and ICE (In Case of Emergency).
  • Comfortable and discreet.
  • The Sport ID bracelet can be used as a strap for certain wristwatches or heart rate monitors doubling its function and appeal.

Our Sport ID bracelet has been designed to appeal to both men and women with it’s unisex sports design. It’s easily adjusted to accommodate a wide variety of users and wrist diameters which makes this ID perfect for you.

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