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Halloween Offer on Emergency ID

Pre Halloween ICE ID offer on our ICE ID Cards Peace of mind in your wallet, purse or pocket. Affordable & practical emergency ID 8 out of 10 witches fly on Halloween with MEkey ICE ID Cards as they never know what surprises are round the next corner! 10% off our MEkey ICE ID Cards – Now there is no excuse to not carry medical ID. click for more information on our Emergency ID Cards

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Medical ID – Who Should Wear it?

That’s a question we are asked whenever we are at a show or exhibition. So if we get asked, at some point you must have asked yourself the same question. There are common misconceptions that by wearing a medical ID you are labeling yourself or bringing unwanted attention to your condition or diagnosis. The truth is that medical Identification can be life saving…….. Its not just about giving medical information to the emergency services, its also about having contact information [...]

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ICE ID Cards, Emergency Medical ID Card, Medication ID

Our ICE (In Case of Emergency) identity cards carry vital emergency information that ensure that relevant people can be contacted in case of emergency and that vital information can be seen by emergency personnel. MEkey ICE ID card is a credit card sized MEkey ID which allows you to keep your important personal, emergency and medical information in your wallet. With the paramedic star featuring the staff and snake it is highly recognisable. The MEkey ICE Card is ideal for people [...]