Skiers Carry Emergency ID for Ski Patrol to Help You

emergency id for skiers and snowboarders

Skiers Carry Emergency ID for Ski Patrol to Help You

Taking part in any winter sport like skiing or snowboarding it’s a fact of life that accidents happen, and when they do the ski patrol or first responder will be your saviour. If you’re injured and can’t speak for yourself, ski patrol need to find out who you are, emergency contacts and any medical conditions.

Even if you ski with others, it’s important that you carry identification with you when you ski or snowboard.

Emergency ICE ID Tags from MEkey ICE products can be worn as ID wristbands / bracelets, ID dog tags, ICE ID cards, ID key chains and if you are allergic to metal – wooden dog tag style tag. MEkey ICE ID tags store personal identification – including photo ID, emergency contact and medical information. If you are travelling abroad they can also securely hold important scanned images of travel documents and more.

Every MEkey ICE ID comes with two FREE ‘Owner Carrying ICE ID’ stickers. These can be stuck to ski helmets, back of a phone or any other prominent position to further highlight you are carrying ICE (In Case of Emergency) ID.

So how does it work?

  • Each design of MEkey ICE tags contains a USB chip.
  • Insert this into a PC, follow the simple steps to update your information via point and click forms.
  • Remove the USB tag and thats it – done!
  • Wear the next time you go skiing or snowboarding for peace of mind
  • If anything changes, just plug back into a PC and update

Its that easy!

More About ID Record

Find out more about MEkey ICE ID emergency medical ID record and how it works…

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