Prescott Bike Festival 2013 update

biker id prescott bike festival

Prescott Bike Festival 2013 update

Another good day for the Prescott Bike Festival – sunny and warm for most of the day. Plenty of folk walking round looking at all the stands and riding the Prescott Hill Climb.

Thanks to everyone who came over for a chat and bought a MEkey ICE medical ID tag.

It was also good to meet up again with Scott Haskins (and his nice dog) on his return from doing the Pan Am Highway and to see first hand how one of our MEkey ICE wristbands stood up to the rigors of being worn 24/7 for 30000 miles! It only looked a week old – so that’s a got to be a good recommendation.

He has many many stories to tell about his travels from New York to Alaska and then down through America……. So, the fingers are already tapping away on his keyboard!

Great emergency / medical ID for runners, bikers, skiers cyclists any outdoor or adventure sport.

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