New Medical ID : Waterproof ID Tag

waterproof id keyring

New Medical ID : Waterproof ID Tag

Even though our existing medical ID tags are IP57 rated – water resistant, our customers wanted more….. IP58 MEkey ICE ID tags are in final testing.

Its been a long path to get to where we are, but the latest addition to our range of ID tags is now in its final testing stages. With this design it can be used as a key chain, so whenever you pick up your keys you will pick up your emergency ID, it can also be worn as a slim dog tag round the neck (chain not supplied – but we are working on that too)

The USB tag is fully encased in resin, just leaving the gold connector showing. They have been tested to a depth of 1m for 26 hours, wiped down and plugged in, and working great. As with anything that gets wet precautions have to be taken to make sure it is dry before plugging into a PC

Hoping they will be available in the next couple of months depending on feedback from our team of testers.

Great for all sports : kayakers, skiers, bikers, cyclists to name just a few.

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